2013: Yeovil


The flyer.

Friday’s rock band: Mid Life Crisis.

With 65 onboard, the bar wasn’t too busy.

There were a few Meridens at the Control Point.

Friday got off to a slow start as normal for a rally.

A phalanx of Triumphs.

There’s plenty of hard-standing for m/cs to park on if grass isn’t your thing!

The Swedish pair turned up during a persistent down-pour late Friday evening.

Saturday morning looked brooding, however the rain held off.

The Bristol Branch were cheerful as ever.

Still awaiting the arrival of more rally-goers

The WATOC contingent all the way from Shropshire and West Wales.

The man of Cerne Abbas carved in the chalk hillside, viewed at a short stop during the ride-out.

About to depart the short stop.

Paul’s new Rocket III at West Bay; the destination of the ride-out.

The ride-out did actually favour Meridens with the tight twisty lanes.

Windy as always at the coast.

About to depart from West Bay.

The motorcycles returned dirtier than they had set out.

The weather held off.

Ivel Barbarians RFC’s Chairman’s Bonnie.

With the evening drawing in, we had to choose (and confirm) the prize winners.

You can’t fault Baglux harnesses.

Never a truer statement!

Saturday’s rock band: Crosswired.

Crosswired captivated those that were still awake.

Patrick, Jim & Paul enjoying the night.

Ted catching a snooze during the band’s loud performance.