2012: 1st Welsh International Rally

From Bristol, through South Wales, to Pembrokeshire it never stopped raining. This made navigating a bit tricky since one or t’other side of the visor was always misting up. Note that none of these photos were taken that Friday!

As soon as the tents were up, it was straight off to the pub, where at least it was dry (but not of ale!) and warm.It would still be raining by the time we retired. The Snooty Fox proved to be well able to cater for a rally during such inclement weather.

The rally was true to its ‘international’ title by having representation from Germany (Peter, Stephan +2)  and Netherlands (Paul).

The entrance viewed from the campsite.

Saturday started with a slight chill at 0630hrs but was at last free from rain. Later that morning was devoted to drying things out. During the two ride-outs that afternoon, the site would be fairly empty.

Still plenty of room for more tents.

Dave, of N.W.London branch, with the rollercoaster in the background.

Les on duty; guarding the motorcycles…

…or enjoying an afternoon snooze.

Later that afternoon, we took advantage of a quite pub to have our main meal and a quite couple of ales. Once everyone returned back from the ride-outs, there was a talk given in the back room. Afterwards the band would begin, with an interesting mix of tunes. All of this racket was too much for Les’ ears though, so he retired to the bar along with a few others.

An interesting photo of a barn.

Sunday morning would hail another warm dry day. So we packed the tents and chilled out enjoying another fried breakfast. The return would go without a hitch…well almost! The Sprint trike’s ignition cut out, and then minutes later it started and ran fine. It was a re-occurence of what happened last year.

 Les on the return home in glorious sun…

…and JC on the return home in glorious sun.

 Photos & text by JC.