2012: Sommertreffen

Ted & his pork pie at a pitstop in Netherlands.

Peter, Ted, Jess, Dave & Phil about to set off from D’n Toerstop at Melderslo, Netherlands.

Ted, Dave, Peter & Jess on arrival at the Sommertreffen at Hilders, Germany.

Ted & Phil still getting their act together!

An old Zed with some modern Triumphs.

The early evening shade along the entrance road.

The contrast between the standard…

…and the customised.

As the sun goes down, the shadows grow longer.

 Palle’s Sprint RS struggles for traction with Dave onboard the sledge.

Jess’s lightweight allows Palle’s Sprint to gain momentum at last!

The youth hostel where some slept, but not us.

On the way back to Netherlands, we met up with some French Zed’s.

The ride back from Germany to Netherlands soaked us all.

To travel prepared for all eventualities or light?

Like reptiles warming up under the sun…or relieved after a good soaking.

More kit & bikes drying off in the sun.

You never know who’s watching!  Although a lesson in concealment wouldn’t go amiss.

 Photos & text by JC.