2012: Trumpet Treffen

JC turned up early Thursday afternoon. The weather was dry all day, although chilly at night.

Late Thursday evening and the rally site was relatively quite and dispersed.

Erik taking an evening stroll.

Once it got dark, most retired to TOCN’s entrance marquee for a few more beers.

Friday morning at the entrance to Eiland van Maurik, after Dave & Sam arrived.

The Friday morning was wet & uninviting.

During a Friday afternoon stroll into Maurik, we passed a windmill!

Saturday was warm and the rally site was filling out. Palle’s Bonneville Royal Wedding.

For Saturday afternoon, we rode into Maurik, then on into Tiel for lunch.

Sunday morning’s view of the windy rally site.

Dave & Sam had made their early getaway before the wind got too strong!

The furthest part of the rally site viewed before JC went to breakfast.

Photos & text by JC, except 6th photo by Sam.