2010: Triton Rally

The Triton Rally was in late August. It was preceded with an 8 hour sea crossing from Portsmouth to Le Havre during the small hours. Then it was into the heavy rain through Le Havre and onto the more inviting sun-drenched autoroute onto Saint Denis d’Orques via Le Mans. Since Club Triton France was still setting up, there was a declared no entry until 1600hrs. As I got there for midday, I decided to wait short of the venue for a few hours, hence the scene of the first photo! Ten minutes later, someone rode out and ushered us into the site.

Loaded and awaiting …
Once inside the tent went up, and the long grass boded well for a comfortable nights sleep later. The big marquee was still being set up for the banqueting later. A stone building was the venue with Parc beer on tap, with a Rock ‘n’ Roll band booked for the Saturday night. The rest of the afternoon was taken up with helping to attach the panels onto the marquee and awaiting the arrival of everyone else including Gary & Lucy, Dave & Denise and Erik. That evening, there was wine at the banquet, which was inclusive of the meals.
The Saturday afternoon was spent looking at the selection of Tritons, among other old motorcycles. Early evening we started on a few beers before the banquet started later that evening. This time there was restraint with the wine, since the next day involved setting off for the ferry around midday. Then it was back to the bar for the Rock ‘n’ Roll band and some beer…although the taste was not to be savoured!
The Sunday morning started with a slow breakfast, with plenty of bread rolls and coffee. The trip back up the autoroute to Le Havre was covered at a steady 130kph, since there was plenty of time to get there for the 1700hrs ferry. The wind was picking up before crossing the bridge over the Seine near Tancarville. So that was taken with some caution…and what a view from that height! It didn’t make it feel any safer.
Heading home
With the breeze picking up, the fast boat had been cancelled, and so the slow boat that I had booked had to be delayed an hour to be packed out with those passengers as well! It was a five and a half hour crossing back with a moderate to rough sea. Since I couldn’t find a seat, I simply slept on the wooden floor in a quite part of the corridor.
Once off at Portsmouth, it was into the night for a pleasent, dry two hour ride home.
Oct 2010