2010: Nigel’s Gran Canaria adventure in January!

Here are some pics of my trip to gran canaria in January 2010, I left weymouth on new years eve, got the ferry to Cherbourge from Poole and stayed in Cherbourge the first night.

New years day started ok when i left but after about 30miles it started snowing and I then had to follow a snowplough for three hours that was gritting at about 30mph. Once clear of the snow I managed to get a shift on and stopped at Agen near Toulouse for the second night.

Next morning the bike was covered in the white stuff and it stayed snowing most of the way to the border at Perpignion, once into Spain it turned to rain and did so most of the way to my next stop at Valencia but at least it was warming up.

I made it to Cadiz the following day from where i had to get the ferry to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria the next afternoon. I spent the night before the ferry in my tent which turned out not to be very waterproof during the nights thunderstorm and everywhere was flooded the next day.

The ferry trip was ok and it took about two and a half days to get to Las Palmas, I then spent four weeks on the island, great weather,great roads and some very enjoyable biking, wish I could do it every year!!


Both Jackie (the other half, who flew out) and myself left to come home the same day, she got home in four hours and I arrived six days later after a slightly different route home. I went due north from Cadiz stopping at a place called Valladolid for the night, then on towards the border near San Sebastian the next day before stopping at Nantes that night. The next day I rode up to see a friend who lives just south of Roscoff, spent the last night there and got the ferry home the next day.

All in all a fantastic experience, but I might splash out on a better set of boots nextime, my feet were frozen most of the way there and back!!

Nige Parkinson