2009: Bretagne

Trip to a gite in Lanrivain, Bretagne, France 2009.

Dave & Sam, Les & Margaret and JC met up at Plymouth for the ferry over to Brittany. It was a long voyage. Because we were going early (May)in the season and mid-week, the local bars tended to be closed and any eateries closed by 1900hrs. So it was to be meals and beers/ciders at the gite in the evenings. During the days we rode out to the coast, and meandered around the coastal villages, stopping ocassionally for a coffee.

Bretagne 2009
Dave and JC

There was always easy parking to be had within view of the cafes, and the roads were reasonably empty. On our return trip to the port, we rode through the early morning mist, which is so prevalent in May. It was also cold enough to keep you awake! The mist cleared an hour later, so we could crack on if we were not to miss the ferry!

Bretagne 2009
Dave and Sam