2013: Trumpet Treffen, Netherlands

This year this treffen was held on the outskirts of Sneek in Fryslan, Netherlands.

Chilling out in the sun.

Where the festivities took place…the farmyard and the barn.

Still early and plenty of room.

The Trumpet Treffen is never a crowded rally.

To my right and the Swedish contingent look worse for wear…

and to my left, the dutch look as if they’re just starting.

Garry’s Trident.

Early Saturday evening, the wind picked up and brought the rain clouds in for the night.

Who says Netherlands is only flat!?

Our encampment for the weekend.

Well I had to take another picture of it before it got dirty.

Jim was awarded his ‘wings’ for having recently falling off of a ladder 12″ up

and breaking five ribs for his trouble!