2013: Sommertreffen, Germany

This year, the S&D branch decided once again to make the Sommertreffen our European rally. There were only four from our branch this year; Dave, JC, Ted & Jess. We met up with Phil (Bexley branch) & Peter (TOCN) at our stop-over at D’n Toerstop in Melderslo, Netherlands. We had booked a wooden hut for the night both for the outward & inward bound stop-overs…

The stop-over at D’n Toerstop, Melderslo in Limburg.

At the Sommertreffen, after the rain. It’s held at a christian youth hostel.

During the rain on Saturday.

Taken during an interlude from the rain.

A view of the Thomas-Morus-Haus, where alternative accommodation can be found apparently.

After the rain there were a few puddles.

Later on in the day, the rain stopped & the sun came out on the walk down to the town of Hilders.

At the entrance to the rally site.

On our return, we refuelled just sort of Venlo. Speed Triples are getting popular!