2013: Albion Rally, Denmark

A first for the S&D branch was a trip to the Albion Rally, north of Faaborg in Denmark. The initial day took us to Borken, Germany. The second day took us up to Ny Stellerup in Denmark and The Albion Rally.The fourth day took us to just south of Utrecht in Netherlands. And finally the fifth day took us back to Somerset, where a malevalent heavy thunderstorm welcomed us back across the border.

Thursday’s stop-over was at Sven’s Biker Village at Borken in Muensterlandes, Germany (www.svens-biker-village.de). In the previous 18 years, he owned the Biker Farm in Buldern, which no longer exists. I know, I went there first!

The site retains a beer garden, where beer and food/meals can be obtained.

Beside a sizeable field for tents, there’s also inside accommodation for the older traveller.

A few of the English, Danish, Dutch and Swedish that we revelled with.

It was Jim’s sixtieth birthday that weekend.

Back amongst the tents.

The main building where most of the motorcycles were parked.

Jim, sat down, recovering from blowing out sixty candles.

Sunday mornning, getting ready for the off.

Waiting in the rain at Bojden harbour on the island of Funen, Denmark.

The fine architecture of the Belgian motorway service station restaurant in the background.