July – Dunkeswell

Wednesday 27th July re-arranged run to Dunkeswell.



As well as lunch at the Aerodrome cafe we visited Red Max Speed Shop.


Whilst parking Nige R noticed an oil leak from his 79 Bonnie where it shouldn’t – closer inspection revealed a sizeable bulge and split in the primary chain case. We mentioned it to Glenn in Speed Max and he immediately offered his help.


The Bonnie was put on his ramp, chain case was off in 5 minutes. There was the problem – the tab washer had failed and the alternator nut was very loose and milling its way through the ali casing. Glenn remade the tab washer, cleaned everything up and refitted the damaged but serviceable nut. With the case refitted the Bonnie made it home with no further problems.

Complete repair including new nut and serrated washer with double locktite, ali welding of the case spilt and cracks now done and Bonnie running well.

Moral – always check your nuts!

A very grateful thanks to Glenn and Speed Max – pay them a visit, it’s well worth it.